Xiaomi Redmi A7


Xiaomi Redmi 7a 32Gb ROM

Ficha técnica del Redmi 7A

IPS LCD de 5,45 pulgadas
Aspecto 18:9
Resolución HD+ de 1.440 x 720
Cristal 2.5D

Snapdragon 439, a 1,95GHz (octa core)
GPU Adreno 505, a 1,45GHz

MicroSD hasta 256GB

Cámara trasera
12 megapíxeles, Apertura f/2.2
Flash LED

Cámara frontal
5 megapíxeles

Android 9 Pie

Dimensiones y peso
146,3 x 70,4 x 9,6 milímetros
150 gramos

4.000 mAh

Conectividad y sonido
WiFi 4
Bluetooth 5.0
Jack de 3,5mm
Radio FM

Resistente a salpicaduras
Reconocimiento facial por IA

1.1. Unlock Device

  1. First enable develoepr options
    • Configuració > Quant al telèfon > Versió MIUI > (Prem 7 vegades a sobre)
      Settings > About this phone > MIUI Version > (Press 7 times on top of it)
  2. Then enable USB debugging
    • Configuració > Configuració addicional > Opcions per a desenvolupadors > Depuració USB
      Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Enable USB Debugging
  3. Enable OEM unlock
    • Configuració > Configuració addicional > Opcions per a desenvolupadors > Desbloqueig de l'OEM
      Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > OEM unlock

Then Boot into Fastboot mode. Poweroof the device. And press volumne down while pressing also the power on button. This will trigger the Fastboot mode. Once you see "Fastboot" in the screen, you can plug your smartphone to the usb port of your computer.

Alternatively, you can enter the fastboot mode and the next steps with the GUI app: XiaoMiTool V2

It's a java app, which can run on linux, mac and windows, and will allow you ro do most operations through a nice graphical user interface.

Follow the steps in the XiaoMiTool V2 app to unlock the device. (You will need to have a valid account at mi, and as well as your phone number associated with it. Visit this url if you haven't followed those steps yet: https://account.xiaomi.com )

Launch the XiaoMiTool V2 GUI app.


1.2. Install TWRP

You need to install TeamWinRecovery Project (TWRP), and you can apparently do so also through the XiaoMiTool V2 GUI app, even if it failed for me with the default version that can be downloaded thorugh the
XiaoMiTool V2 > "Mods, root and twrp" > Twrp recovery - twrp.


Therefore, I had to download a newer TWRP version instead from elsewehere (url taken from here https://xiaomifirmware.com/guides-and-tips/how-to-install-twrp-and-magisk-root-on-redmi-7a/ )

TWRP 3.3.1-1003 LRTeam:

Then I did install it at the smartphone through the XiaoMiTool V2 > "Mods, root and twrp" > Custom recovery (this failed for me also in 2021 with MIUI 12 on the phone, it worked with previous MIUI version: MIUI v10 probably)

Once successfully installed (flashed, etc), smartphone kept showing the fastboot screen. Therefore, I did force it to enter the recovery mode with "Power up + Power button" for long enough to notice it vibrating and rebooting. Then I could finally see the TWRP logo, and options shown.

I selected to allow writing to system to allow rooting the device in further steps.

First you need to unlock the bootloader, after that, download the twrp, depend of what rom you going to install, because they're 2 twrp, 1- 32 bits, 2-64 bits, if you're going to install a 64 bit rom, you need the same version of twrp, and download the minimal adb and fastboot tool. After that put the twrp inside the minimal adb folder, reboot the phone to bootloader (turn off and turn on with the button down), and write like (fastboot flash recovery "twrp-version.img") and then you got it :3

1.3. Install LineageOS Failed for me


1.4. I reinstalled miui

The previous process failed for me for some unknown reason, after some trial and error: I ended botting into the TWRP all the time, with noe way to boot the LineageOS apparently. Therefore, I opted to flash the miui image through the TWRP install button, and came back to using a miui rom which I downloaded from the internet.

1.5. Install Lineage - take2


1.5.1. Root with magisk

You can do so also through the XiaoMiTool V2 GUI app.

Install FLOSS ROM: LineageOS 17.1 - Android 10

Generic info:

Installation Instructions:


LineageOS Download links for Xiaomi Redmi A7 (Pine): see below

Steps to Install Lineage OS 17.1 ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 7A


1.6. MIUI details

Call recording, onced enabled, is stored at:
Phone Memory -> MIUI -> sound_recorder -> call_rec

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